Portal Quest

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Put together a team of heroes and wage battle against your enemies


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Portal Quest is an action RPG where players can form a group of up to five heroes and face off against the forces of evil. It's down solely to you to repeal the fearsome forces of The Hollow, which are trying to take control of the whole kingdom.

The battle system in Portal Quest is very simple, as your heroes attack their enemies automatically – though you do have to activate their special powers at exactly the right moment. And it's precisely these special powers that can tip the balance in a close fight.

Throughout your adventure you can recruit more than 20 different heroes to your cause. As usual for games like this, you can level all of them up, making their powers better and kitting them out with better weapons and armor. You'll need it. As you move ahead the enemies get harder and harder and without a well-prepared team of heroes you'll be lost.

Portal Quest is a fun action/RPG combo with a great variety of characters – not to mention delightful graphics.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.